For Our Troops......

For Our Troops......


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The dairy cow doesn’t ask for much, but she asks every day.
People who are creating wealth with a cow either are hardworking and reliable or get that way in a hurry. This is the way it has been for a very long time.
--Joann Grohman (Author of Keeping a Family Cow)

There are three kinds of people in this world:
Those who watch things happen,
Those who Make things happen,
or you can wonder what the hell happened.
--Captain Phil Harris (RIP)

A few of words of wisdom I have come across:

Choose not to just live within your means, but live within your needs.

If you don't want to be responsible for or defend yourself, please don't expect others to do it for you.

(My translation: Buck up and learn some skills!)

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best!

"Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the AmericanGovernment take care of him; better take a closer look at the American Indian."--Henry Ford

**~*~**Spread the word!**~*~**

Small Family Farms need our help when ludicrous charges have come up against them. Maybe someday it could be one of us on this "make an example out of you" chopping block.

Pushing back (via donations, interviews, getting the word out, etc) and standing up for what we believe in will send a clear message that we refuse to just roll over and give up!

When we know what we're fighting for, we fight harder--Sgt . Gary Stein (USMC)


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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rain, snow and more wind!

One of Jared's "co-workers" took this recently:

It's good to "see" him, he did call a couple of weeks ago and got to talk for quite awhile.  It's always good to hear from him (and Kyle, who tends to forget to call home--hint hint). 
Chandra is really, really good about posting photos/videos of Tracy for all of us to see.  At least we can kind of keep up with him growing--especially Jared!

One "care package" that I sent to Jared, well it only took 10 days to get to him (nice surprise for once!) HA  I sent another one off with more requested items to him last Friday, so lets hope it gets to him in a decent amount of time.  He requested eye drops, as it's dusty, windy and getting hot over there.  Baby wipes is just a "normal" thing to put in his packages.  Oh, and candy!!  :-)  I also sent him a $10 magazine (Frontiersman? something like that) that I hope he likes....I wanted to read it, but didn't have time.  The magazine he's requested I think I'll just have to subscribe to, I've only seen it once, it must sell out fast (Primitive Archer).

Last week was a work-outdoors-like-mad-before-the-rain-comes week.  With the help of the neighbor (in exchange for cow compost) we got compost spread on the garden AND got it tilled.  I also took compost and rabbit poo and put it on the asparagus, and compost on the rhubarb (which is coming up).  No signs of Asparagus yet though!  The peach trees are blooming, lets hope the frost/freeze yesterday (and the snow on Monday) didn't kill the buds/flowers.  Time will tell!

I ordered some heirloom seeds from Victory Seed Company, as I can save those seeds to replant more next year.  Got plenty of Cantaloupe for Pat, and "the kids".  They shipped fast and I got some started already.  The rest I can plant later this week when the weather stops freezing at night and I have time to get out and dig in the dirt.  I'll bet my single tomato plant I started will finally be happy to get in the ground!

That's "the news" for now...hard to keep up with the real-world news as much as going on.  I will say keep an ear/eye tuned into the Bundy Ranch happenings out in Nevada.  It's a hornets nest, he (Clive Bundy) is right to stand his ground along with the peoples' Militia who stand with him.  (He took two armed guards with him to church last Sunday--what's wrong with that picture??)  He knows it isn't about simply rounding up his cows, and said so himself.

After much digging and fact-finding here's the REAL reason for all the "fuss" (in a nutshell): 
Seems like their state Senator Reid wanted to "sell" the BLM land to CHINA for a solar project (that nobody is interested in buying power from because it'd cost too much). 
It's un-American if  you ask me and under-handed.  Now that the cat is out of the bag, and everyone KNOWS what the real deal is behind the smoke-and-mirrors, hopefully there will be a peaceful outcome and end.  Keep them in your prayers please!

And as a Post Script:
I myself get royally ticked off, as our men are fighting elsewhere for "enduring freedom" while our elected officials HERE are greedy, sneaky and taking advantage of our citizens.  It's an oxy-moron!