For Our Troops......

For Our Troops......


Either you're searching for some information and stumbled across here, or already know me and are interested in what I/we do. :)

The dairy cow doesn’t ask for much, but she asks every day.
People who are creating wealth with a cow either are hardworking and reliable or get that way in a hurry. This is the way it has been for a very long time.
--Joann Grohman (Author of Keeping a Family Cow)

There are three kinds of people in this world:
Those who watch things happen,
Those who Make things happen,
or you can wonder what the hell happened.
--Captain Phil Harris (RIP)

A few of words of wisdom I have come across:

Choose not to just live within your means, but live within your needs.

If you don't want to be responsible for or defend yourself, please don't expect others to do it for you.

(My translation: Buck up and learn some skills!)

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best!

"Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the AmericanGovernment take care of him; better take a closer look at the American Indian."--Henry Ford

**~*~**Spread the word!**~*~**

Small Family Farms need our help when ludicrous charges have come up against them. Maybe someday it could be one of us on this "make an example out of you" chopping block.

Pushing back (via donations, interviews, getting the word out, etc) and standing up for what we believe in will send a clear message that we refuse to just roll over and give up!

When we know what we're fighting for, we fight harder--Sgt . Gary Stein (USMC)


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Sunday, September 26, 2010

More rain and cooler temps

We got more rain Saturday, another 1/2". Of course, it rained the day after I mowed, so now it doesn't look like I mowed at all! But the new grass that has been planted in bare spots is doing well.

I'm getting average of 5 eggs a day, not everyone is laying yet. Saturday the rain came early enough it didn't mess with Kyle's Frolfing Tournament. (In a nutshell: Frolfing is a style of Golfing, using Frisbee Discs and special 'catchers' for the discs--hence the odd name.) He's done Frolfing for a couple of years now, sometimes he wins and sometimes he doesn't. He makes it look easy, that I DO know! ;)

Patrick canned apple butter and some apple pie filling (I got it off Tammy's blog) Thursday. I still have peach juice to deal with and make something out of it! I drove over in the pouring rain Thursday morning to get milk from another gal that has family milkers. I have been hankering for Potato Soup, and having real milk is what "makes it" have body. Even using half-n-half from the store just isn't the same, I've tried to duplicate, but simply, there IS no substitute for the "real thing"!! Besides, now I will actually drink milk.....the store stuff doesn't do it for me.

OK, as promised, here's some Jared "fun" pictures from our visit last month. Again, hard to choose just a few!! Enjoy!!

Being Goofy!

No fishies were got to swim another day! OK! Stop taking my picture! I'm not a movie star!! :) --->>

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wacky Weather

Saturday it was a high of 67*....Sunday 57* and drizzle. Monday: 91*! Ah good ol' Nebraska weather! (blah!!) Today, the mid-80*'s and rain. I did manage to get the front lawn mowed, and let the bovines chow down on the back yard all afternoon. :) (Um, call it multitasking!) ;-)

Last week was hectic, but I did manage to can 40# of peaches, (that was a LONG day!!) and a couple of quarts of salsa. Mom gave us a bunch of apples, so they are on the 'canning list' for this week.

Jared had a three day pass again, so bummed around on the main base. I am waiting news on what the doctor says--he was supposed to find out today what his test results from Friday were.

Kyle stayed home from school Monday, he was getting run down and sick. I wanted him to get extra rest and chill out.

Sunday we had a small family gathering in Nebraska City with my parents and siblings. It's always good to see them! Good food and good stories! :)

Here we are about 30+ years ago--Back row, David (youngest) and Marla, (0ldest)
Middle row: Me, Christie, Earl Jr.
Bottom left: Laurie
And today (oldest to the youngest):
Marla, Earl Jr, Christie, mom and dad, Laurie, Me, David.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


While we were on our trip to see Jared, Kyle had homecoming week (and dance).
The neighbor took photos for me (thanks, K!!)

Playing the Trombone at the parade with the school band.

This was his "look" for punk rock day!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fun in Georgia-Part 1

Jared's Platoon

Patrick and I drove to Georgia for Jared's "Turning Blue" Ceremony this past weekend. He is done with AIT (Advanced Individual Training) and is now ready for Airborne School with most of the platoon. Jared was picked to go right away, but has Pneumonia, so he needs to wait a bit and heal.

Here are the "serious" photos of Jared, I'm working on the "fun" ones for the next entry. As for his look in this photo: "Awww Mom, you're embarrassing me in front of the guys!" :)

Words can't express how proud we are of Jared!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Slow News!

Summer is flying by, here it is September already!!
My pullets started laying.....the very same day the 'egg recall' hit back in August. Divine Intervention?? ;-) I am up to 4 eggs a day, so soon there will be a feast with eggs!

School started in Mid-August for Kyle, and he's cut down on how many days he's been working. His Explorer's transmission blew a front seal, so it's out of commission for now. Once again, I am sharing my truck with him.

Jared is done with Basics and almost finished with AIT (Advanced Individual Training), and will be on to Airborne School. He called last night and said he overdid it on the PT test, he was trying for a good score and almost passed out, they took him to the hospital and put an IV into him. (Heat Exhaustion I think.) He still passed the test!

Our garden has been slow this year, producing enough for sandwiches and the like, not enough for canning yet! I had to laugh, my "Brussels Sprouts" I started from seed back in July are actually Climbing Spinach! Seems I forgot which seeds I had when I planted them. No wonder they looked funny! HA HA

I got Dolly's pregnancy blood test results back.....she is open. She turns 16 this month....and hasn't been cycling since the bull left, so it was a real letdown for me. I am figuring out what "our" next step is with the help/suggestions from the KFC folks. (Keeping a Family Cow)
Get her into milk and/or get her cycling and re-bred or... ?? I won't throw in the towel with her just yet, I'm too stubborn to just give up on her. She deserves it...OK remind me of that when she's been a naughty cow! ;-)

On a lighter note.....
I had to laugh at the neighbor....she went on a trip a couple of weekends ago. My phone rings Sunday morning and I cheerfully answer: "Hello!" She says: "WHO is THIS??" She called my house instead of her house and was wondering why some woman answered her phone!! :) :) :)
(It doesn't help our numbers are similar....either!)

Walter, Jared's rabbit sez: "I'm pretty!" (We think "he" is a "she".) ;-)