For Our Troops......

For Our Troops......


Either you're searching for some information and stumbled across here, or already know me and are interested in what I/we do. :)

The dairy cow doesn’t ask for much, but she asks every day.
People who are creating wealth with a cow either are hardworking and reliable or get that way in a hurry. This is the way it has been for a very long time.
--Joann Grohman (Author of Keeping a Family Cow)

There are three kinds of people in this world:
Those who watch things happen,
Those who Make things happen,
or you can wonder what the hell happened.
--Captain Phil Harris (RIP)

A few of words of wisdom I have come across:

Choose not to just live within your means, but live within your needs.

If you don't want to be responsible for or defend yourself, please don't expect others to do it for you.

(My translation: Buck up and learn some skills!)

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best!

"Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the AmericanGovernment take care of him; better take a closer look at the American Indian."--Henry Ford

**~*~**Spread the word!**~*~**

Small Family Farms need our help when ludicrous charges have come up against them. Maybe someday it could be one of us on this "make an example out of you" chopping block.

Pushing back (via donations, interviews, getting the word out, etc) and standing up for what we believe in will send a clear message that we refuse to just roll over and give up!

When we know what we're fighting for, we fight harder--Sgt . Gary Stein (USMC)


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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Quarter Inch of rain!

The raspberries are turning!

We got a quarter inch of rain yesterday, not much but we'll take it!  The weather has cooled off, it was a chilly 50* when I got up this morning.  The humidity is way down as well!

Tuesday I drove to KC to pick Patrick and Jared's GF up, they were road weary!  They had a great visit with Jared, I'm glad they were able to go.  Another Giant THANK YOU once again to Danielle and Family for letting them stay at their place.  She's a special gal with a big, giving heart.  Wish there were more folks' like her in the world!!

At this time; Jared is somewhere over Europe....we haven't heard from him since Tuesday Night.  He'll call when he can and 'touch base'.  Keep him in your Prayers, please! 

Kyle cleaned his room (well, most of it!) and now I have a mountain of laundry to do.  I swear he has more clothes than Pat and I put together!  But it looks to get him to work on Thank You notes from Graduation!  (It's like pulling Hen's Teeth with him!)  They'll get done--eventually! (OK, by Sunday, because that's when he leaves for Basics!) ;)

Patrick and I mowed the back yard just before it rained.  I had been watering some of it where I planted grass seed and it was growing good. 
I fertilized certain stuff in the garden, planted the last of my onions, watered the Rhubarb and Asparagus and trimmed wild overhanging branches.  I am slowly getting the older Asparagus bed weeded--it's a big chore but the progress encourages me to keep up with it. ;)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sobering Weekend

I'm not sure how to put into words what I want to say.....except please keep our Military Folks (and families) in your thoughts and Prayers.

For this sober "Holiday" weekend, I refer y'all back to my post last year:

Be safe everyone! (hugs!!)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Still no rain

Last week I was busy attacking thistles, weeds in the garden and hand watering everything.  We had rain north of us last night, but once again we only got a few sprinkles this morning.  With the heat and wind, things are drying out fast--reminds me of when we lived in Texas.

Yesterday I was on the road.....Patrick and Jared's GF are on their way to Fayetteville to see him for the holiday weekend before he leaves.  Kyle and I are stuck behind...we have to work, do chores and hold the fort down. :)

It was extremely windy (that's putting it mildly!!) for the drive; as the wind was from the south.  I had to laugh, there was a herd of cows on a hill, one cow with her butt pointed south.  She proceeded to pee and managed to splatter herself really good in the process with all that wind.  Where's a video camera when I need one?!! ha ha ha

I took the Diller road and saw Casey on his tractor headed out to to where his cows are.  I waved, but since I was in Jared's truck, he probably didn't know who I was.....(HI Casey!!) :) :) :)

Also on my way home, I got to stop and pick up some milk--fresh from the cow.  Ummm ummm good!  The cows' name is Apple, and the lady's one granddaughter calls it "Apple Juice".  Smart kid!  I got to see babies and more babies and discuss AI'ing for Nessa which will be coming up.  By the way, with all that's been going on around here, I forgot to mention she's a year old now. ;) 

I am still working on getting photos of Jared on here from our trip to see him, stay tuned....I only have so many hours in a day to get things done. ;)

Kyle got a haircut yesterday (Pat says "You ain't seen short yet!") and has been enjoying time off.  I think I've seen him more in the last week than the past few months combined!  He's been riding a bike trying to get into some shape before boot camp.  Time will tell if it's paid off. ;)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Kyle's Graduation

It's been a busy weekend....Saturday was Kyle (and his girlfriends') Graduation party, then Sunday was graduation. Here's a photo tour!

Both of the cakes--Kyle's and Sammi's (her Grandmother made hers).  I thought that was sweet!  (Pun intended!)
The afghan Grandma Russell made for him.
All graduated with their Diplomas (and awards)! Congratulations kiddos! :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

The Rose Patrick got me for my birthday is blooming and I thought it fitting to share with everyone this fine day. :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

What a week!

What Jared gets to do today--another jump!
We flew to North Carolina last Thursday to see Jared.

Hats off and a HUGE kudos and a major thanks to Danielle (and family) who let Patrick and I stay at their house. It was *much* appreciated!

Fayetteville is a nice city, the people were friendly and we had an awesome time! Pat changed the batteries in the digital camera just before we left, then we couldn't find it! :( So I just bought two disposable ones to no photos yet!

We left Monday morning and drove home with Jared's truck and lots of his "stuff". Our drive home was un-eventful (thank goodness!) and the truck was a trooper. More details when I have time to write.

We made it home about 6:30 Tuesday evening, grabbed the suitcases, changed clothes and made it to Kyles' concert at 7:30. Grandma Russell came, too. :)

On the home front: the garden needs weeded (imagine that!), and the critters are fine......and the lawn needs mowed (again). We work on things as time allows. We are also getting things ready for Graduation on Sunday.....Kyles' party is Saturday.

Maybe, just maybe, next week things will be back to "normal". ha!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kyle's shoes and his girlfriends' shoes
We've been uber-busy once again. Planting more plants/seeds and mowing!
  Of course the work never ends, there is always something to do!
The garden is looking good thus far, we even have a couple of small green Roma tomatoes. :)

We are also busy dealing with Jared's (Army) schedule(s) and preparing for Kyle's upcoming graduation.
Kyle had another Trombone audition for the Marines Tuesday....and he is ever-busy with end-of-the-year school stuff (and work).

The blog is short and sweet this week, the weather is good right now so the outdoors (and work) beckons! :)