For Our Troops......

For Our Troops......


Either you're searching for some information and stumbled across here, or already know me and are interested in what I/we do. :)

The dairy cow doesn’t ask for much, but she asks every day.
People who are creating wealth with a cow either are hardworking and reliable or get that way in a hurry. This is the way it has been for a very long time.
--Joann Grohman (Author of Keeping a Family Cow)

There are three kinds of people in this world:
Those who watch things happen,
Those who Make things happen,
or you can wonder what the hell happened.
--Captain Phil Harris (RIP)

A few of words of wisdom I have come across:

Choose not to just live within your means, but live within your needs.

If you don't want to be responsible for or defend yourself, please don't expect others to do it for you.

(My translation: Buck up and learn some skills!)

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best!

"Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the AmericanGovernment take care of him; better take a closer look at the American Indian."--Henry Ford

**~*~**Spread the word!**~*~**

Small Family Farms need our help when ludicrous charges have come up against them. Maybe someday it could be one of us on this "make an example out of you" chopping block.

Pushing back (via donations, interviews, getting the word out, etc) and standing up for what we believe in will send a clear message that we refuse to just roll over and give up!

When we know what we're fighting for, we fight harder--Sgt . Gary Stein (USMC)


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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nessa's Bad Day

Before and After photos

I had the vet out Friday to dehorn Nessa and give her her Bangs tag + vaccinations. She did really well, in fact I didn't need to give her a Banamine shot today, she was pretty much back to normal.
Dolly kept pestering the vet through the fence the whole time and waited and waited and gave "mama moo's" to Nessa on and off. Dolly knew with the vet here, "something" was going on! The vet thought I was joking when I told him she was 17...he was probably wondering why I was feeding a pasture ornament...oh well.

I settled down out in the shed with a bale of hay for a chair and a back issue of AcresUSA to read and wait for Nessa to come out of her stupor. (The photo where it looks like she is sleeping.) It only took 3 hours before she was back on her feet ready to go back out to normalcy. I kept her in a bit longer to be safe. She even managed to pee on my boot, guess that was her 'thanks' to me! :( (Can't blame her!)

A cold front managed to come through in the afternoon and it even started to snow. I was glad to get back into the house and warmed up!

Pat and his cousin Tim went to Kansas City to pick up Jared today, and go to a gun show down there. (Not my cup of tea.....ha) Jared will be back for a week and I already have an Apple Pie cooked and waiting for him. ;)

Kyle yesterday had a Speech Meet and today is gone to a Show Choir competition playing drums for them. Golf starts next week, so his schedule will be more packed. Thank goodness he's cut down on his work hours.

Monday, February 20, 2012

More Musings and a Rant :)

Dolly and the steers in the shed earlier this month when it was snowing. Nessa's butt is on the right in the second photo ;)

Oh wow where do I start? First I got some pretty flowers from Patrick for Valentines' Day--he's such a romantic! :) I'm just grateful he's a "fix-it" guy that can fix most anything and build me whatever I dream up. I guess I'm just humbled he's put up with ME all these years!! :)

It's rainy today, so I'm inside doing "stuff". So much for working on my garden fence idea! Talking about the garden, yes I always have big plans (that don't always pan out....) Every year I do try something new, and live and learn with mistakes made. One is never too old to learn, that is for sure!

I worked on ripping a dude's article apart on KFC on factory farming this morning. I could do this day in and day out with many, many articles. Sigh. He didn't mention CAFO (CAFO: Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) but it pretty much is factory farming. CAFO is a more 'correct' term, but its still the same thing.

People need to get on board (and the facts) about food production and monoculture's (i.e. hog confinements, dairies, feedlots, and chicken/egg production houses), and if all you have done IS a type of CAFO/factory farming, you won't begin to understand diversity and how a monoculture isn't good for anything; land, man nor beast. It's not renewable nor sustainable.

People also don't realize that almost all of the beef they eat starts out milk and grassfed. Then they are sold to a feedlot and crammed into pens to eat a planned nutritional hodgepodge of feeds. Industry waste is a big part of this "feed" (citrus peels, chicken litter, ground feathers and other "funny proteins") because its cheap.
Cheap gets gains just like expensive will. OK, but what no one realizes is the end product is to be uniform. Another "Industry Standard". Not ONE of my steers has come out exactly the same (nor chickens or eggs or my turkeys!). Sure I've had different breeds, but some had different beginnings in life. Some had replacer, most real milk and the best one had real milk the longest. My feed(s) and hay/pasture pretty much stayed the same. I don't expect uniformity, because I don't raise cookie cutter animals and don't have any desire to do so.

Hogs are another thing. Raised inside all their lives to "protect" them. Yeah, I've seen some nasty disease hit, inside/outside they all still got sick. It's like keeping people inside 24/7 for their own good. ???? It's just not normal! One's immune system goes DOWN when inside all the time. It's no wonder they have to give them so many (timely) shots to protect them from issues. They are 'docked' if they weigh too much or too fatty....its the 'uniform standard' again. Animals are like people, no two are the same, and no two gain exactly the same. Industry standard strives for this, so certain breeds are preferred. (Less diversity again).

Now onto the dairies.....maximum production for the cheapest cost. OK that sounds good. Except it is at the cows' expense, which is usually the case. Many are fed high-octane "funny protein" and kept in feed-lot like conditions, its no wonder so many burn out early and end up in your fast-food hamburger.

Oh and don't forget the chickens.....many are still raised indoors, some in cages "for their own good". Bah. Profit isn't my bottom line. Good wholesome food raised by ME is. I know what they ate, what stuff was fertilized with, etc. Plus they got to be in an environment conducive to them--not just put in a pen for my convenience for feeding/cleaning/monitoring. My garden may be weedy, but that also means I'm not pouring a bunch of chemicals on it so it "looks good".

People want cheap food, and are accustomed to it, but I say stop giving it to them!! If your average person realized how much work goes into raising animals (planning, feed, time, etc), plus the butchering work, they would realize it isn't cheap. Factory farming (CAFO's) bring that to them. Well, you can't have your cake and eat it too. Ask me how much my turkeys cost me last year....sure wasn't no 98 cents a pound on sale......but they tasted better and didn't need 'injected' with God-knows-what for flavor enhancement.

And a chicken is more than just a white meat boneless breast (very wasteful recipes/usage in my opinion), hogs are more than porkchops and bacon, and cows are more than steaks, roasts and burger. When one does butcher (or have butchered) their own, a new world opens up to all these pieces/parts and how (and why) to use them.
As long as we have CAFO's and people depending on someone else to raise their food, they won't experience more than what they find in boxes, or cans or shrink/cello-wrapped packages at the store.
I know we can't raise all our food, but simple steps in that direction can/will help. The more control you have growing/preserving your food the more you will understand of why "ripe" asparagus or tomatoes in the middle of January is just not normal........

Now if you're still with me after all that ;) then I will say I'm looking at getting a few more fruit trees. I've finally found the Ida Red apple trees that I've been looking for ever since I had/canned some years ago. Ummmmm ummmm good! I think I'll get my catalog back out and get my order put in before they are out. (Pat has his fruit tree wish list, too!) :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


From the concert last Sunday afternoon (Kyle is on the very end)

Playing the drums

I got to thinking during the concert: I have some awesome kids--I know, every mom says that. As I reflected with a smile and a happy tear: they each have their own talents, and really, really are good kids. It's humbling and awesome at the same time.

They haven't been into trouble, and have realized early on their hard work is what is going to get them what they want accomplished. No one is going to give them anything on a silver platter, and they know sometimes life isn't fair.
They've earned what they have and appreciate things.

We are truly blessed and very honored to say "these are our kids"!! :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bitter cold

Icicles off the awning after the last snow

Last night was a cold brutal night for the outside critters. I laid out extra hay for the cows on the south side of the shed and they used it for bedding to sleep in instead! Oh well, I couldn't blame them! Everything is eating/drinking extra, the windchill hovered at 20* below for much of the night. This winters' weather has been so mixed up with the temps and snows/ wonder the plants are confused thinking spring was here.
The cold has effected Dolly the most, she is showing her age with her aches/gimps.

Kyle is at a Speech Meet today, so the morning started early at 3:45 making sure he was up to get to the school on time before the bus left. ;) My truck was fixed yesterday, so I didn't have to run him in to town. I think he was more glad than I to have it fixed!
He has a Band Concert tomorrow, so we are looking forward to that, it's always a treat and they do a really good job.

Jared called this morning, he got leave the end of the month so I got his plane tickets ordered (reserved?). I just hope the weather is not nasty cold while he's home on leave. I'm excited he was able to come home, and sure wish he was stationed closer!

Pat is trying to win a fortune (for me? HA HA) this morning at a casino with one of the neighbors. He likes going there, I get bored too quickly, so don't go.
I am spending the day cooking and puttering around and catching up on back issues of Acres USA. I am enjoying the quiet....that will change once "the" Naughty Kitty (Q-Tip, the white cat) wakes up from her nap and starts her normal antics. HA If I try to take a nap, she'll probably do a good job of making sure my nap time doesn't last nearly as long as hers. :(

I am just looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, it's been a long week!

The bright sunrise was welcome after a couple of gloomy days!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pretty Snow

This is the chicken tractor--snow coated the sides of it. The last photo I took to show the inside so you can see from another view. The snow was insulating and it was cozy in there!

We did not get as much snow as east and north of here, and as heavy (wet) as the snow was, the electricity only glitched once. Pat went to a gun show and said it was white-out conditions on the way back. He did pull a gal out of the ditch--he likes to help folks when he can.

The snow looks like a Christmas card photo today with the sun shining on it. The wind came up last night and knocked much of it off the trees, the neighbor lost a few branches. The low-hanging branch in the second photo (the flatbed trailer is just in the left of the photo) is a mulberry tree and hangs low already. (But not that low!)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Febuary already!

I have this photo titled: Oxymoron ;) Maybe Old and New would be better? ha

Time is flying, I'm still having a hard time writing "12" (2012) on anything, let alone the changing month!
We have moisture coming, hopefully we'll get rain and not snow. I'll take one or the other, but not both because that means sleet and/or ice. Thundersnow is cool to experience, unless you have to go somewhere!

My Bantie/Buff cross is a grumpy girl if I try to get the daily eggs out from under her. She is fast to peck and loud at protesting, so I leave her alone. I'm not sure sometimes if it's her or her sister when I'm in the coop; it takes all of two seconds of me reaching towards the nest to find out! (Passive or aggressive--which one is it?)
So I've been calling her Grumpyweena. She's about the only one with a name now, other than calling them by their colors. (Whitey, speckled, and lots of 'reds'!) I don't even know which one anymore is the one the Bantie raised before she got killed, two of them look the same, their combs are all the same size. But I think she's the one that sleeps on top of a trashcan with feed in it, she usually slept elsewhere in the coop with her mama, so the bigger hags weren't picking on them. ;)

Not much new news really. Mom was excited when I called the other night and told her I had good news! I started off by saying, "No, I'm not pregnant!" ha ha ha She got a good laugh out of that! The good news was: I found her a source of real milk nearby, and she WAS excited!! She thought I was going to have "Jared News" to update her with, so it was a nice surprise for her.

As for "Jared News" not much there. They have a three day weekend, but nixed the 'coming home' idea when we looked up plane ticket prices: $700+. Yikes! Hopefully they'll get a longer leave shortly.....time will tell.
The annual gun show is this weekend at a nearby town, that was the main pull of him trying to figure out if he wanted to spend that much on tickets. Ummm, spend money on tickets and no money for the gun show! It's not like his dad can't text/call him and let him know what is there! (That's what they did last year.)

Kyle is still Mr. Busy....he's tired some days but he is young and can handle a packed schedule much easier than I!

Patrick is working on building the screen door for the house. One of the great-nephews "visited" the other day when we weren't home and left the door open. (Uh, maybe if we would of locked it.......oooopsy!) So I had outside cats inside and vice-versa. At least the weather wasn't too bad, so the heater didn't run the whole time. (We weren't gone very long, but still.....) The screen door getting done is overdue anyhow, so this just helped push the issue. ;-)

Since the weather was nice, I fixed the doghouse and gave the rabbit extra hay for the impending upcoming cold. (OK, it's not going to be THAT cold, but colder than it has been!) ha
I am getting more hay today so I don't have to drive in mud/snow in the pasture tearing it up. It was a chore taking off the existing bale and put in giant 'feed tubs' I have but I got it done (with bovine 'helpers' of course!)